Sensitive pain when first brushing

Hi, I have just bought sensodyne repair and protect - Whitener.

When I first started to brush my teeth my teeth are uncomfortabless with a bit of sensitive pain can you please tell me if this is normal?

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now.


Hi I wouldn't say that is normal but it is not unusual for have sensitivity to a certain product.

You didn't mention if it was your teeth or your gums that are sensitive but whitening products can make your gums a little tender or your teeth sensitive. Since you mentioned it happens when you first start brushing it makes me think it is your gums. Teeth sensitivity from whitening products is more of an ache that is constant.

Though sensitivity is not common with the amount of whitener that is in toothpaste vs what is in something like white strips of whitening gel that is placed on your teeth for a longer time, it is possible.

It is also possible that you are sensitive to some other ingredient in toothpaste. There is a small percentage of people who are very sensitive to certain Sensodyne products. There is a thread on this site where some of them have reported their reactions here.

You could try using it less often and see if that helps or stop using it altogether and see if your issue resolves.

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