Sensitive teeth after using Crest ProHealth and Sensodyne

by PJ
(Portland, ME)

I have sensitive teeth. I began using Crest Pro-Health Pro-Health CPC antigingivitis/antiplaque oral rinse-clinical and Sensodyne Repair and Protect 4 days ago.

I immediately noticed that I no longer taste things (or they taste really strange) and that the tip of my tongue is sensitive.

Is it possible that either or both of these products could cause this?


Hi PJ, yes it is possible that you are reacting to an ingredient in either of these products. It is easy to find out. Just quit using them and see if your symptoms improve. I like Colgate president for tooth sensitivity. It is a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste. You can get it from most dentists. For gingivitis, listerine or Colgate total mouthwash are both good. But nothing beats good old fashioned brushing and flossing for gingivitis. I also love the Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Thanks for writing,

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