Sensodyne's new "Rapid Relief" caused my Lips to Swell Up!

by Anonymous

For the past couple of years I've used different Sensodyne toothpastes (True White, ProEnamel, etc.) without much issue. The past few months I've developed extreme sensitivity to cold foods and drinks. I saw the TV commercials for the new Sensodyne "Rapid Relief" claiming extreme relief in 3 days so I started using it about a week ago. I started developing pain in my lips and didn't really know why and then my lips starting swelling, both upper and lower. I didn't make the connection right away to the toothpaste until it got so bad I started searching online and found several others who've had this same reaction to the "Rapid Relief" formula. Is there something different in this new formula that would cause extreme swelling and painful lips?


Hi I'm adding your comment/question to this article Adverse Reactions to Sensodyne so you will get more replies. You will see it as a FB comment from admin.

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