serious issues after 2nd molar removal

by Amy

had my 2 far upper right molars removed 2 years ago. Dry socket took 8 months to heal after and the second tooth only came out as the doctor split my further back molar in the first removal. Since then swelling has not gonein my mouth and I have had repeat ear infections and utis .....I think all steming from the tooth removal area on the upper right of my mouth. ...after 3 weeks of antibiotic to combat my worst uti and ear infection combo the uti is gone but I am still having ear pain and hearing issues ...oddly the mouth swelling is decreased greatly after the antibiotics. I went to a general doc and dentist. I have no current cavities but perhaps the start if gum disease. Aside from getting antibiotics I doubt I am being heard. My pain is severe though less than before the the ear i have redness and fever and chills and dizziness but I was basically told they like to ration antibiotics and not given more.

I made an appoinment to see a ear nose throat guy in a week and a half. I am worried it will get worse in the meantime. Have you seen this before? Couit it all be jaw related to where the teeth were removed above what my dentist could see? I am sick of being sick. Please help ...


Hi Amy, I hear your frustration and don't blame you for feeling this way. I have not heard of extractions causing a UTI. The ear infection makes more sense considering the location and timing. Your immune system may be weakened over the last 2 years making you more prone to UTIs.

I think you're on the right track seeing an ENT Dr. Hopefully he will be able to help. A CT scan of the extraction site would show if there is infection is and would be a good idea if you haven't had one yet. I know it's frustrating but don't give up until you feel you are being heard and getting good care.

Once you have the immediate problems solved, you may want to look into ways to boost your immunity and decrease inflammation in your body. There are some dietary things you can do to decrease inflammation...sugar and dairy are the main culprits. Also controlling stress and getting enough sleep helps boost your immunity.

I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for writing,

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