Sharp jarring pain in tooth extraction site.

by Dorothy

I had a lower double (Molar?) tooth removed 12 days ago several weeks after unsuccessful root canal treatment. Since then, I have had pain which is worse than the original toothache pain as it is there most of the time, whereas the original pain was only there when I chewed on the tooth. The pain type is similar to the original pain and started almost as soon as the extraction sedatives wore off, but it is worse when I walk as each step seems to jar it. Also, I have pain in my jaw and ear on the extraction side. I have been taking paracetamol/codeine and ibuprofen regularly and saltwater rinses but the pain still breaks through before my next painkiller dose is due. I contacted my dentist 7 days after the extraction and was given an emergency appointment with another dentist at the practice who told me I had dry socket and put in a dressing which was supposed to stop the pain and eventually dissolve but they could not give me a time-line for this to happen. The pain did ease for several hours after the dressing was put in, but then gradually got worse again. I am concerned as all of the information I can find on the internet about post-extraction pain says that is should get better gradually over a couple of weeks but my pain shows no sign of diminishing. I have to say that I was given very basic post-extraction information from my dentist, mostly concerning excessive bleeding in the hours after the procedure - only a sentence about a dry socket might need treating, but nothing about how it occurs, and when to contact the dentist or how it would be treated.
I realise I should contact my dentist again, but I felt that I was being a nuisance when I went, and really I'd like to know how normal my symptoms are and if I am fussing for no reason before I trouble the dentist again.
I had a total hip replacement operation last year and coped very well with that - I can't believe I am having all this trouble with a tooth! - I had an impacted wisdom tooth out in hospital and another double tooth out at the dentist, both several years ago, and had no issues after either.
Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.


Hi Dorothy, Bless your heart...I'm so sorry you are suffering with this!

I would imagine that the socket needs to be packed again. It is common for dry sockets to need more than one treatment. I hate to be critical of a dentist when I don't know all the details but you absolutely should have been told to return to the dentist to have the dry socket packed and medicated again if you still have pain.

You should NEVER feel like a nuisance for calling with a question...your dentist should provide all the follow up care you need including post op instructions.

Please see your dentist as soon as possible and as often as necessary until your pain is gone.

I hope you feel better soon,

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