Should I have a root canal or extraction

by Jessi

x-ray iage taken from mobile cam, thats why is not clear

x-ray iage taken from mobile cam, thats why is not clear

I have that problem on my molars tooth dentist advised a root canal because filling is not possible there.

I waited for some days, but unfortunately a small pimple appeared and my dentist said I must remove that tooth to effectively treat that problem.

I talk about root canal he said that could be done and I may not feel any pain afterward but that pimple wont be gone permanently so I must extract that tooth in order to permanently solve that pimple problem....

Now I my question is was that really necessary to extract my molar tooth? Did he trated me the right way?
X-ray image is attached.


Hi Jessi,

I'm sorry about your tooth. I can't tell you for sure but it looks like there may be more than one problem with it. In addition to the large cavity that is close to the nerve there may be something going on between the roots of the tooth.

That may be what your dentist was talking about when he said the pimple won't go away even if you had a root canal. One of the roots may have had a crack that caused an infection between the roots - a problem that is impossible to treat.

The pimple is your body's way of draining infection. If there is an infection between the roots of the tooth, a root canal wouldn't cure it.

You should ask your dentist to explain why the tooth needed to be extracted. Keep asking until you understand.

I'm sorry you lost the tooth but if it couldn't be saved it is better to have it removed before you spent your time and money on a root canal only to eventually lose it anyway.

Thanks for writing,

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