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Sinus Pain vs Dental Pain

Is sinusitis making your teeth hurt?

If you have had sinus tooth pain, you know how worrisome it can be.

You'll swear you need an emergency root canal.

But really all that may be needed is some pain medication and or antibiotics to provide much needed toothache relief.

Some sinus tooth pain will improve without medication.

Why do sinuses make your teeth hurt and how can you tell the difference between sinus pain and tooth pain?

Keep reading to learn more about how sinuses can make teeth hurt.

Or compare your symptoms to evaluate other possible causes of tooth pain here.

Sinuses are located directly above your upper teeth.

Maxillary sinuses can be seen on this dental X-Ray...they are the dark roundish blobs at the very top and center of this picture.

You can see how the sinuses droop down and seem to intermingle with the root tips of the upper molars.

sinus tooth pain

Some sinuses droop even lower than those in the picture, making them even closer to the roots of the upper molars and pre molars.

When these sinuses get irritated, infected or even congested, they can become swollen and put pressure on the upper teeth.

If they swell enough, the teeth will eventually get pushed slightly out of position and interfere with the "bite" or the way your teeth fit together.

Sinus infections, allergies, or a simple cold can cause your sinuses to become inflamed and swollen.

Because sinuses and teeth are so close, it is not surprising that sinus infection tooth pain is common.

sinus tooth pain vs dental tooth pain

Sinus tooth pain can involve a wider area than dental pain and may be more of a constant ache as opposed to a sharp and increasing pain that is common with an abscessed tooth.

If you are prone to sinus infections or have a cold or allergies, sinus tooth pain vs tooth pain is a possibility.

A tooth problem such as an abscessed tooth is constant pain, doesn't come and go and continues to get worse.  Learn the signs of a tooth abscess here.

There are exceptions to every rule and when in doubt, see your dentist for any tooth pain.

Can sinuses make lower teeth hurt?

While it is more common for sinus tooth pain to occur on upper teeth, it can make lower teeth hurt too.


Pain can be referred. Referred pain is when a problem in one part of your mouth causes pain in another part.

Pain can be referred from one upper tooth to another.


from an upper tooth to a lower tooth.

Referred pain is very common. Thankfully we don't have to rely entirely on our sometimes unreliable symptoms.

Dentists use many diagnostic tools and are experts at finding the true source of your pain.

Another way sinuses can make lower teeth hurt...

If an upper tooth gets pushed out of position by a swollen sinus, the way your teeth fit together or the "bite" is not the way it should be.

The "bite" being slightly off, allows the lower tooth to take more biting force than it should. Over time, the extra force can make either upper or lower tooth hurt.

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