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Sonicare Buying Guide   

I recommend many dental products but none more than Sonicare. The Sonicare electric toothbrush made by Philips, improves the health of your teeth and gums more than any other electric dental product.

Sonicare is a great choice.

Once you decide to buy one, there are still many choices.  In this article learn how to choose the right product for your budget and dental needs.

Sonicare's latest and most expensive model, DiamondClean is a great choice.  I use and highly recommend it.  

But you don't need to buy the most expensive Sonicare to get the same great results.  However, you should avoid the cheapest ($30) models that are not rechargeable.  

One popular mid-priced option is the FlexCare.

Sonicare flexCare Features

sonicare electric toothbrush

1. Small head for cleaning hard to reach places in your mouth.

2. UV sanitizer so you can clean your brush head between uses.

3. Quad pacer - a 30 second interval timer so you spend equal time on all 4 quadrants of your mouth.  

4. Two minute timer that tells you when to quit.

5. Rechargeable battery that lasts 3 weeks.

Sonicare's rechargeable brushes stay charged for 3 weeks and have  patented Sonicare technology.

Prices vary depending on extra features.

Retail prices for the rechargeable models range from $69.99 to $200,00. Electric toothbrush heads are 2 for $29.99 and should be replaced every 3-6 months.

A lot of money for a toothbrush.

But... it could save you a lot more on future dental fees not to mention your time in a dental chair.  Or the pain of a toothache :(

Sonicare also makes an electric toothbrush that uses two AA batteries for $29.99. These do not have the patented Sonicare technology and don't remove plaque as well as the rechargeable models.

I strongly recommend buying a rechargeable model.

sonicare electric toothbrush

Money saving advice

Sonicare electric toothbrushes come is a wide variety of prices and features.

The choices can be confusing and overwhelming.

Knowing which features are important will help you save money and make a great choice.

1. Don't buy the cheapest

When searching for a Sonicare toothbrush, you will find them priced from $20 to $180.

The cheapest models require you to replace the batteries and are not as powerful as the the rechargeable models.

The cheapest ones require batteries and are not rechargeable. I know it seems like a good money saving idea but these will end up costing you more in the long run.

Batteries are expensive and it is inconvenient to have to keep replacing them. As the battery gets used up, so does the cleaning power of your toothbrush.

These cheaper models don't have the patented Sonicare technology that allows the bristles to move at 30,000 strokes per minute.

Spending a little more money up front for a rechargeable model will save you money in the long run and be a better choice over all.

2. Or the most expensive

While the most expensive models come with a few fancy features, there are many lower priced models that use the same patented Sonicare technology that moves the bristles at 30,000 strokes per minute....the most important feature!

Mid priced rechargeable models work just as well for improving the health of your teeth and gums.

Some features of the pricier models include: two minute interval timer, ultraviolet disinfection storage compartment, and designer crystal charger base.

These are all great if you don't mind paying for them but don't improve the performance or result.

3. Choose a basic rechargeable model

If price is a factor and you want a great value that will be just as good for your teeth and gums, go with a basic rechargeable Sonicare. For a basic rechargeable model you will probably need to spend $75 to $100.

That is still a lot of money, but if it saves you from needing just one dental procedure you are still way ahead:)

Improve your health

It's not all about money, the best reason to use an electric toothbrush is to improve your health.

When used frequently and correctly, a Sonicare toothbrush keeps your gums healthier, firmer, less likely to bleed and not as inflamed.  Sonicare makes a bigger difference in your dental health than any other electric dental care product.  

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