Sore Mouth Sensodyne

by Jessica
(Springfield, MO)

I've recently tried a Sensodyne toothpaste (total care I believe) as well as a Crest HD two step product. I've recently developed white bumps inside my lip, that aren't raised, that don't seem like canker sores, and are tinglely and painful after brushing. Help. Could this be the toothpaste?


Hi Jessica, It is possible and easy to test. Stop using both products until the spots clear up then start using one for a couple weeks, if you don't get a reaction use the other one.

If the problem doesn't go away you should have it checked by your dentist.

It is not unusual to be sensitive to toothpaste ingredients. So many makers of dental products claim to have the latest and greatest product but honestly many products work well.

Just be sure to use a toothpaste that is ADA approved and remember you don't need very much. A pea-sized amount is recommended...I don't even use that much. Half a pea is about what I use:)

It is the actual motion of brushing (and flossing) that is best for your teeth. You can do pretty great job of cleaning your teeth without toothpaste. Don't stress too much about what brand to use. Find something mild that doesn't irritate your tissue.

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