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7 Ways to Stop Grinding Teeth 

How to stop grinding your teeth...

While easier said than done,  curbing this destructive habit is important if you are noticing damage.   These simple suggestions will help you stop.

1. Have your "bite" checked

´╗┐Your "bite" is also called your occlusion.  It is the way your upper and lower teeth fit together.

Feel how your teeth fit together.

Try this...Slowly close your mouth. Your teeth should hit evenly and at the same time. If you notice one place hitting first or harder than the others your occlusion could be off.

Occlusion can be very slighly off.  So slightly that you can't tell without having it checked by a dentist.

If your occlusion is not right, you will subconsciously try to force your teeth to "fit" together by clenching or grinding.

Occlusion that is just slightly off can be easily fixed by having your bite adjusted by your dentist.

2. Control stress

´╗┐Stress is a major cause of clenching and grinding. Pay attention to situations that cause you stress. Do what you can to avoid those things or make them easier. Controlling stress will help you stop grinding your teeth and improve your life.

3. Relieve Stress

we can't get rid of all our stress, so... find activities that help you relieve the stress of the day. Outdoor exercise is ideal. You'll feel more relaxed after a work out and fresh air makes you happy:)

stop grinding teeth

4. Avoid caffiene and alcohol

Both caffiene and alchohol  make it difficult to sleep soundly  and should be avoided before bedtime.

5. Relax before bedtime

Allow some time to relax and unwind before going to bed. Avoid working out right before bedtime.

6. Use moist heat therapy

Use moist heat to relax your jaw muscles before bedtime.  This simple home remedy may be just what you need to relax.

Teeth Clenching and  Grinding...

Home Remedy

Signs & Symptoms

Mouth Guard

7. Wear a night guard

If you still can't stop, a teeth grinding guard is needed.

If you need one, invest in a comfortable night guard. Custom fitted guards are ideal... and don't forget to wear it:)

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