symptoms: ear ache, stuffy nose with bleeding, headache

by Midge
(Houston TX)

Symptoms: ear ache. Stuffy nose with bleeding. Headache. Dr says sinus infection. Dentist says I need root canal. Not sensitive to hot or cold food/drinks.


Hi Midge, So sorry you are not feeling well. It's really impossible to say without more information but those symptoms sound more like a sinus infection. But, it is possible to have both a sinus infection and a tooth infection that needs a root canal. I hope that's not the case.

Can your dentist see sings of an abscess on an Xray or in your mouth?

Without tooth symptoms or evidence of an abscess, a root canal seems like an unusual recommendation...unless I'm missing something.

I wonder if you can wait to see if things improve with antibiotics and time? Some dentists recommend a round of antibiotics before a root canal anyway.

Just some food for thought....hope you feel better and get an accurate diagnosis soon:)

Thanks for writing,

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Feb 11, 2017
Sinus infection v root canal
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info. Will take antibiotics I got from the doctor and see how things go. Thanks again.

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