Teeth extra sensitive after orthodontic polishing

by Beth
(Santa Maria, California, USA)

I was using Crest and felt some pain and sensitivity in my lower front teeth (these are teeth that had recently been "polished" at the orthodontist to make room without having to pull teeth) and had a dentist appointment that week, when I went to the dentist, the water pick they were using to clean my teeth also hurt those teeth and caused excruciating pain. She picked by hand at that point and did not polish those teeth as the pain was too much for me to handle (keep in mind that I do not usually have any issues with pain at the dentist or orthodontist). They recommended that I switch to Sensodyne and so I followed their advice. I used it one time and felt better, then the next time I used it, I had extreme pain, and nearly cried because it hurt so badly, even after I rinsed out my mouth. I have been unable to use toothpaste since because it hurts so bad. But my teeth feel gross (even brushing intently for several minutes per night), and I need to find a toothpaste that works for me and does not hurt. What do I use?


Hi Beth, I'm sorry you are having this issue. The "polishing" you had is a common practice. The orthodontist removes a small amount of enamel to make room for the teeth to be aligned. I wonder if your orthodontist would have a toothpaste recommendation? I would imagine you are not the first one to have this problem.

One of my favorite products for sensitivity is Prevident. It is a prescription fluoride gel that is non abrasive. Your orthodontist or dentist may keep it on hand or they can write a prescription for you. It should be used once a day in place of your usual toothpaste. Brush as usual then spit the excess but don't rinse for 30 minutes. Prevident costs around $15 but lasts at least 6 months.

I wonder if your teeth feel gross because there is plaque on them or if you are just feeling the edges between your teeth where enamel was removed? Tongues are super sensitive to the slightest change.

I hope your teeth feel better soon,

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