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Teeth Grinding Causes Explained

Teeth grinding causes can be divided into three categories,

1. Mechanical - Teeth that don't fit together like they should  

2. Emotional - Stress or anxiety

3. Habitual - A habit is formed  

Mechanical causes are the easiest to fix but each cause should be considered to help you stop. 

Unless this destructive process is stopped, damage to teeth and jaws is a likely result.

1. Teeth that don't fit together perfectly

 The way your teeth are designed to fit together is truly amazing.

Each tooth has it's own unique shape and size that allows it to fit perfectly and function precisely.

Unfortunately, some teeth don't erupt into their ideal position.

Things go wrong....  teeth are too big or too small. Your jaw too wide or too narrow.

teeth grinding causes

If your teeth don't fit together perfectly, you will subconsciously try to make them fit by grinding and clenching.

While trying to grind them into place, you wear right through your enamel.

Even if you have perfectly aligned teeth, it is possible for your occlusion (or your bite) to be slightly off and cause you to grind your teeth. 

Teeth drift out of position. Teeth move from forces around them, a dental abscess or sinus infection can make your teeth move out of proper occlusion.

Recently placed dental fillings or crowns.  If you find your self clenching or grinding your teeth after a filling or crown is placed, you need an adjustment. It's quick, easy and painless so don't delay. Call your dentist.

Mechanical causes of teeth grinding are the easiest to fix.   Poor occlusion and crowded teeth cause teeth grinding and also make gum disease, tooth decay, and fractured teeth more likely. 

2. Stressed out 

Stress is the biggest reason for clenching and grinding. Stress can be temporary or long term. Reducing or relieving your stress is a good idea for many reasons.  Wearing a night guard during stressful times will prevent damage from grinding your teeth.

Teeth Clenching and  Grinding...

Home Remedy

Signs & Symptoms

Mouth Guard

3. It's Just Habit 

 Sometimes there is no reason to clench or grind your teeth other than it has become a  habit.

Teeth grinding can start for many reasons.  

Even after the cause is resolved, the habit is in place and a grinding guard should be worn at night.

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