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The Miracle of Teeth Implants

Teeth implants are little miracles that improve your health and your life.  In fact, they are life changing!

I am so grateful this option is available for those who are missing teeth.

Yes, you can survive without teeth.  

But teeth that look good and work well are not optional for a healthy and enjoyable life.

What are  Implants?

Teeth implants replace the entire tooth, root and all, in a way that looks and feels as good as or better than natural teeth.

This procedure is gently done in stages and may involve a periodontist or oral surgeon and your dentist.

Most dental implants take four to six months from start to finish.

Don't worry, you won't be toothless while you wait.  

Your dentist will make you a beautiful "temporary tooth or teeth" so no one will notice any teeth missing.

The implant or "man made root" is placed by a periodontist, oral surgeon, or your general dentist. 

After it heals and becomes solidly anchored in your bone the permanent tooth can be added.

It takes time and money to have an implant placed.

You didn't lose your teeth all in one day and it is not likely that you can replace them all in one day.

But since you need teeth to stay healthy and live an enjoyable life, it's worth your investment of time and money.

What if you are missing a lot of teeth?

Implant dentures have become the new standard of care for those who are missing  most or even all of their teeth.  

Old style partial or full dentures are inconvenient and can be uncomfortable. They may look as good as real teeth but never work as well.  

It is impossible to eat healthy food with traditional dentures.

A much better option is implant retained dentures.

Implants can be used to provide an anchor for dentures and make it possible to replace an entire arch or both arches.  

Implant dentures are life changing.  They improve health and lifestyle for those who choose them.

Implant vs  Bridge

A bridge is the traditional way of replacing one, two, or three teeth and is still a great choice for some.

Bridges are surprisingly more invasive than implants because they require the surrounding teeth to be drilled and used as anchor teeth.

This adds stress to those anchor teeth and over time may compromise their strength.

A dental implant is a better choice whenever possible. Click here for more about dental implant vs bridge.

Cost Considerations

Prices vary, but one dental implant can cost around $3000.

I know, it's a lot of money.

But, before you start doing the math, you should know that sometimes more than one tooth can be replaced with a single implant.

Read these important cost considerations.

What could possibly go wrong?

Implants are amazing and clearly the treatment of choice.   

But a small percentage of implants fail for a variety of reasons. But, if they are placed where there is enough bone to support them and well maintained, should last a lifetime.  Here is my short list of dental implant annoyances.

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