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Teeth Whitening Professional Procedure

In a hurry for whiter teeth?  A teeth whitening professional can give you a bright new smile in an hour.

One hour whitening is done in a dental office by a dentist, hygienist or dental assistant.

Also known as one hour whitening, this method is a great option.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages... 


A tooth whitening professional will...

  • Evaluate your situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Some discolered teeth whiten better than others and dental fillings, crowns or veneers don't whiten at all.
  • Advise you about other methods. The best product for you may be strips or custom trays. Depending on your situation, a less expensive option might be enough for you to brighten up your smile.
  • Provide the fastest results.
  • Measure and record your progress. A before and after picture will show you how much whiter your teeth get. A picture is a good way to check for relapse and help you decide if you need a touch up in the future.
  • Provide safe teeth whitening. Protect your lips and gums to minimize side effects and make sure the whitening gel is evenly applied, closely monitor your comfort and make adjustments if you experience sensitivity or pain.
  • Give follow-up directions to maximize your results and minimize sensitivity.


  • The cost it's the most expensive of all whitening methods. There is a big price range for having a teeth whitening profession improve your smile. Due to the economy, the price has come down in some areas. The US national average price is $650 but I have seen prices much lower.  $200 - $300 is not unusual.
  • Tooth Sensitivity It is not unusual to have very minor and temporary sensitivity. Younger people tend to have this reaction more than older clients.  It doesn't damage your teeth and goes away in a day or 2.
  • Time in a dental chair Hate sitting still? Teeth whitening is a little tedious to sit through for some. Movies and music help pass the time but an hour is a long time to sit with your lips and tongue immobilized.

Other teeth whitening whitening options

There are two other ways to whiten your teeth:

  • Custom trays are the mid priced option. 

Both work well but take longer than a professional whitening.

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