Thick White Slimey Plaque in my mouth?

by Tab

slime on middle finger

slime on middle finger

Hi! In the past 3 months I would say I've expirenced thick white slimey stuff in my mouth. It happens randomly, ill feel it mostly on the cheecks inside my mouth or on my tongue if i brush against my cheeks. Its not painful atl all but It grosses me out. I brush my teeth everyday sometimes up to 3 times but mostly morning and night. I floss as well and occasionally use mouth wash. I switched my tooth paste not too long ago to Sensodyne. Could this be causing it or is there something greater that I should seek medical attention for. I've researched and I can't seem to find answers to my symptom and what it could be. I attchached a photo of the slime as well. I just want to know what the slime is and if I need be worried.


Hi I can't say for sure but your description sounds like tissue sloughing. It occurs mainly on the inside of the cheeks. Tissue rolls off and looks white and stringy. I've seen this occur when there is an allergy or sensitivity to certain products. Patients have also correlated tissue sloughing with Listerine or acidic beverages.

Your change in toothpaste could be the cause. I would recommend switching back and see what happens. Avoid other products like mouthwash etc. until it clears up.

You may also want to consider any diet you notice this happening after certain foods or beverages?

As with any change or concern, if it continues you should have it checked by your dentist or physician.

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