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3 Tooth Ache Remedies That Work

How well tooth ache remedies work depends on what is causing the pain.  If your tooth is abscessed and needs a root canal or has a cavity that needs a filling  home remedies won't work.  If you have severe pain that is bad enough to wake you up at night or swelling, you should go straight to the dentist.  

But, for mild to moderate tooth or gum pain, these 3 remedies work very well.  

1. Massage and stimulate your gums

If you are not sure what is causing your toothache, your gums are a great place to start.  Floss the area gently but thoroughly. 

Next massage your gums with your toothbrush.   

Learn how to massage and begin flossing sore gums here.

A toothpick gently used can be substituted for floss if you prefer. 

After thoroughly cleaning and stimulating your gums with your floss and toothbrush, rinse with Listerine, diluted hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine rinse.  

Pain caused by gum inflammation will get worse before it gets better.  Thorough cleaning and stimulating the area will make it sore immediately after but if your toothache is caused by gum inflammation it should feel much better in a day or two.   

Some mild or moderate toothaches are caused by clenching, grinding, brushing too hard or using a product that is too abrasive.

2. Give your sore tooth a rest

tooth ache remedies

Once you become aware of a sensitive tooth, a common reaction is to keep using that tooth to chew or clenching your teeth together to check if it still hurts.  

This constant checking can keep the nerve inflamed and the tooth from recovering.

Stop clenching or grinding your teeth and don't chew anything hard.  

Rest from chewing and constant clenching may be all it needs for the nerve to recover and stop hurting. 

Learn how to quit clenching your teeth here.

3. Improve your brushing technique or change your toothpaste

Teeth that are sensitive near the gum line may hurt because you are brushing them too hard or using an abrasive toothpaste. 

 Use a very soft toothbrush and don't scrub.  Use small circular strokes to gently clean these sensitive areas.  

  • Check your brushing technique here.
  • Check your toothpaste's abrasively score here.
  • Learn how to desensitize these areas here.

Is it working?

Is the pain better, worse or the same after trying these home remedies?   Pain that becomes more severe or more frequent should be evaluated by a dentist.  

Pain that stays the same should also be checked out but may not be as urgent as pain that is worsening.  

Pain that gets better or goes away completely probably means your home remedy worked!  But you should still mention it to your dentist at your next check-up just to be sure there is no problem.

Toothaches can be caused by a cavity, tooth abscess, cracked tooth or severe gum infection.  For these problems there is no home remedy.  Pain medication may relieve your discomfort but you should see a dentist for definitive treatment.  

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