Five Surprising Tooth Decay Causes    

Tooth decay causes are not a mystery in most cases.  A diet full of sugar is often to blame.  

But, if you are avoiding sugar and STILL getting cavities,  consider these surprising risk factors for tooth decay.

1. Acidic foods and drinks

Fruit juices can be just as bad for your teeth as soda.  Not only do they contain a lot of sugar, they are also acidic.  Citrus fruits are also acidic.

tooth decay causes

Diet sodas are highly acidic.  

Diet soda is better than regular soda but still not good for your teeth.  The acids in diet sodas weaken your tooth enamel.

Coffee and alcohol are also acidic.  

These foods and drinks don't have to be avoided entirely but should be consumed in moderation.  

Five diet sodas or glasses of fruit juice a day is four too many:)

2. Dry mouth

Saliva buffers the  acids in your mouth and provides natural cleansing to your teeth. Those with dry mouth have a much higher risk for cavities.  

Learn how to improve your dry mouth here.

3. Gum Recession

When your gums recede, the tooth's roots are exposed.  

Root surfaces don't have enamel and are not as hard or strong as the enamel covered part of the tooth.  

Exposed roots are prone to cavities.  

Gum recession is caused by aggressive brushing, abrasive toothpastes and teeth clenching.  

More about how to minimize gum recession here.

tooth decay causes

4. Caffeine

Sugar + Caffeine = Cavities

One study recently showed that caffeinated drinks that contain sugar may be even more harmful to your teeth than sugar filled drinks without caffeine.

Caffeine increases your heart rate and also increases tooth decay rate. 

Caffeine accelerates the tooth decay process making the combination of caffeine and sugar very bad for your teeth.

Avoid or limit beverages containing both sugar and caffeine.

5. Starchy Carbs

Whoever thought you could get cavities from a plate of spaghetti?

While less harmful than sugar filled drinks, a diet high in refined carbohydrates is not good for your health or your teeth.

What are starchy carbs?

Foods such as white bread, white pasta, crackers, chips, pretzels...the list could go on and on.

These foods eventually turn to sugar which causes cavities.

Limit refined foods and eat more healthy carbohydrates.

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