Tooth Decay Pictures Every Parent Should See 

I don't mean to scare you, these tooth decay pictures were taken long after the cavities started.  

Early detection and treatment by your dentist will prevent this from ever happening to your child.

But even small cavities are no fun for kids or their parents and can be prevented.  

With your help, basic brushing skills and a healthy diet kids can easily avoid getting cavities.  

tooth decay pictures

Fortunately these teeth will  be replaced by permanent teeth but severely decayed teeth may still need treatment.  Learn how cavities in baby teeth are treated here.

The photo below shows a similar pattern in an earlier stage...

tooth decay pictures

Tooth decay in very young children is almost always the result of poor diet.

Too much sugar and processed foods are to blame.  Soda pop and fruit juices are especially bad for your kids' teeth.  If they are drinking juice (or even too much milk) from a bottle or sippy cup, that's extra hard on their little pearly whites.

Some cavities occur on the chewing surface of a tooth like this drawing illustrates. 

Adults get cavities too

Cavities can occur between the teeth or near the gum line like these pictures illustrate.

tooth decay pictures

tooth decay pictures

Dental floss will help to prevent these cavities that start between the teeth where your toothbrush can't reach.

Did I mention diet plays an important role in preventing tooth decay? 

It's the most important factor.

But, there are other factors that put your teeth at risk for decay. Discover some surprise causes of tooth decay here.

All cavities can be prevented with a low sugar diet, good oral hygiene, and the use of fluoride to strengthen enamel.

If you are cavity prone, you can decrease your tooth decay rate and improve your health at the same time.

Dental X -Rays for early detection

Having dental x-rays updated yearly is the best way to find cavities when they are small.

These days, most dentists have digital X ray equipment and radiation exposure is 90% less than it was before digital.

When taken only as recommended the benefit of X- Rays far outweighs the risk and discomfort.

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