Tooth extraction

So there is not alot of bleeding now on the right top tooth like the second big one in ,and wanted to know if I should still be using gauze? It's been about 30 hours after the tooth removal and kinda feels as if the gauze is irritating it.


You do not typically need to keep gauze on the extraction site that long. The usual recommendation is to change the gauze every hour. Normally it does not take 30 hrs. The main reason for the gauze is to apply pressure to the area not to soak up blood. The gauze may still look a little discolored but should not be soaked with blood when you stop using it. It is ok to take the gauze out and wait a few minutes to see if it bleeds at this stage. If it starts to bleed significantly you should ask your dentist for advice.

You should have been given written post op instructions...if you were not you should call and ask. You can find generic instructions online but I prefer that you get personalized in case your situation is unique in any way.

This article on my site has some post op instructions that might be helpful.

I hope the rest of your recovery is smooth.

Thanks for writing,

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