tooth filling side effects ?

I went in for fillings on friday everything went well but the next day tongue was kind of swollen kinda hurt to swallow drink or eat today jan 1st whats bugging me the most is the lil pimples i got on each side more towards the back swelling did go down i just got those pimples that bug me because they do hurt and also today i started feeling my teeth in the back are kinda sensitive. I hope these are just side effects from the numbing stuff or should i call in about this??


Hello, It is possible that they are side effects. I would suggest that you wait a day or two and see if things improve.

If they don't improve then definitely call. Newly filled teeth are often sensitive right after the procedure but shouldn't stay sensitive. Sometimes they need a small adjustment. If a filling is slightly too big it can make the tooth sensitive because it carries more chewing force than the others. Once adjusted it typically feels much better. The adjustment is quick and painless and should not cost you anything.

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