Tooth hypersensitive all of a sudden

by Richard
(St. Louis Area)

I have a gold crown that after xrays shows no decay in the roots nor any fault in the crown. I am going to start using Sensodyne paste as it has recently become quite sensitive to cold. It shows only a 5% amount of Potassium Nitrate.

I can buy Pot/Nitrate by the pound and wonder if I use the Sensodyne paste, wet the brush and then pat the paste into a dry bed of Pot/Nitrate giving me a higher percentage of the chemical to calm the sensitivity??

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Hi RIchard, I wouldn't recommend that. I don't know if it would help or if it is safe.

Sensodyne is most helpful for sensitive root surfaces. If the gum is receded the root is exposed and can be sensitive to cold or when you touch it. Sensodyne doesn't work for teeth that are sensitive for other reasons. Additionally it doesn't work instantly. It could take a couple weeks before you notice improvement.

If your tooth has suddenly become sensitive there may be another cause. Clenching can cause tooth sensitivity. If the occlusion (the way your teeth fit together) is slightly off your teeth can be sensitive.

It is hard to tell if you are clenching because most clenching occurs during sleep. But your dentist may be able to see signs of clenching. Your dentist can also check the occlusion easily and make an adjustment if necessary.

Lastly, your tooth may improve with time. Some teeth become sensitive and then recover on their own.

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