Toothache post sinus infection

Was slammed with a bad cold followed by even worse infection. Was on antibiotics - excruciating pain both upper and lower teeth and bite was definitely off, blocked ears (still blocked). Still working on clearing infection with sinus rinse as per doctor's instructions. However, noticing that one tooth with big filling hurts and throbs when I chew. Ibuprofen seems to help. Had check-up and cleaning about a week ago, and tooth is fine. Thinking that it's still the sinus infection that's affecting it (bad bite and inflammation)???


It is possible the sinus is inflamed, pushing the tooth out of position and the malocclusion is causing your tooth pain. Avoid chewing with those teeth that throb and try not to clench your teeth together - that just keeps them sore and aching. Let them recover and "rest" as much as possible. When the bite is off it is tempting to keep checking by clenching your teeth together to see if it is still off....try to resist and let the tooth recover.

Glad the ibuprofen is helping - most likely sinuses since you had the teeth checked a week ago but if the tooth pain continues or worsens, you should see your dentist for another look.

Just some thoughts... I wonder if you need more antibiotics? Did the sinus infection get better and then return? or never fully improve with the antibiotics? Follow up with your physician if no lasting improvement.

Hope you feel better soon,

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