I Have Two Molars Missing. Is this a Problem?

This question from Charles is a common one.  Can you live without teeth?  Of course but it's better for your health to have them.

Charles' question


I hate dentists...with a passion.

About three years I had two molars pulled (next to each other left side upper), I had such a bad experience (1 hour of huffing and puffing and both teeth broke plus the roots remained, they had to be extracted - much pain).

I didn't go back for the bridge I was supposed to and have lived with the big gap since then.

My question is...is this a problem? I don't care about the aesthetics but will this impact on the rest of my teeth (having a gap )



My reply

Hi Charles, I'm sorry about your molars.  Really sorry it was so tough getting them removed.

Of course, teeth are optional. If you don't miss them, your biggest concern is the impact on your other teeth. 

When you have a gap, the adjacent teeth and opposing teeth tend to gradually drift out of position causing them to become less functional and more prone to gum disease and tooth decay.

Eventually, they may move enough to make a bridge  or implants impossible. 

Missing two molars on one side means you probably do all of your chewing on the other side, which is fine, except it puts more stress on those teeth.

If something happens to your good side you are out of sides.

Sometimes teeth extractions that should be simple are difficult. I'm sure if your dentist had known how hard it would be he would have sent you to an oral surgeon where you could have had sedation

Some dentists refer all tooth extractions to oral surgeons. Others do what they think will be simple extractions themselves and refer the ones that look more difficult to surgeons. There are good reasons for both practice styles. 

Having a bridge made will be much more predictable and much less difficult and will make your entire side functional again.  an even better option is having dental implants placed. 

If you decide not to replace the missing molars, you should take extra good care of your good side. Don't skip your dental check-ups and be very thorough with your daily brushing and flossing routine. 

Hope that helps, 

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