Ulcers on gums

by Diane

After a filling from the dentist, I was still having pain. He examined them and gave me a new filling.

Still having pain i rubbed on my gums the sensodyne tooth paste as it seemed to give me relief until I could get to see the dentist.

I went back to dentist and told him of all the sores on my gums around the tooth that had been filled and also the pain under my chin where the gland is but he didn't seem to know what it was.

I also told him that the pain that was keeping me awake didn't seem to be coming from the tooth that had been filled. My jaw was aching. He then carried out a root canal.

I thought now all the pain has to disappear but no, still aching. After reading post on this site has the sensodyne done me more harm and is this the cause of my sores?


Hi Diane, It's hard to know what caused your problems. I doubt very much that using Sensodyne is to blame entirely. If you needed a filling it was because there was a cavity that needed to be repaired. The root canal may have been needed because the second filling was larger and close to the nerve. But it is impossible for me to know.

Teeth can still be sensitive after a root canal but it should steadily improve.

As you have read on this site, it is possible to be sensitive to Sensodyne or any product.

Sensodyne was never intended to be rubbed on your gums. It is only for a specific type of tooth sensitivity not to relieve pain from tooth decay, a bad toothache or sore gums.

Sensodyne is made to gradually improve tooth sensitivity that occurs when the gums recede and tooth roots are exposed or when enamel is worn away leaving the nerve less insulated from temperature extremes.

I would suggest you stop using Sensodyne for awhile and see if your gum sores improve. You should also follow up with your dentist regarding your pain and ask him or her what to do about your sore gums and aching jaw. You should get a second opinion from another dentist if you feel unsure about your current one.

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