Uncertain...Should Deep Grooves in Teeth be Filled?

by Mrs. Rinchere
(Stamford, CT)

My dentist told me I have grooves in my teeth but not cavities? He wants to do a filling before it gets worse.

I am deathly scared of the dentist after a bad experience of unnecessary dental work and I want to be sure getting this work is absolutely necessary.

If i do not have cavities and I am not experiencing any pain, should I go through with this work?


Hi Mrs. Rinchere,

It sounds like your dentist is honest in telling you there is no decay. I'm not sure why you couldn't wait and have the fillings done if and when there is a cavity.

Maybe the grooves are already starting to show early signs of decay?

Good dentists can differ in their approach to filling deep grooves or waiting and watching to see if they decay. Fillings that are placed in deep grooves typically are very small and considered minor treatment.

But if there is no sign of decay I would tend to wait. As long as you have a low sugar diet and see your dentist at least twice a year for a check up, I don't see any risk in waiting.

Thanks for writing,

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