Unethical dentist...

by CJ
(Cincinnati, OH, USA)

I went to a dentist for a crown, he asked me if I wanted my teeth cleaned so I said ok, he then proceeded to use an instrument that spins at high rpm's while he was wearing micoscope's on his eyes, he went over the gum line on the front of my teeth , then when he was on my back top left, I felt severe pain as it felt like he intentionally poked a hole in my tooth !!!....it hurt so bad I asked.. '' wheat did you do ?'' ..his assistant replied '' oh, men hurt more then women having their teeth cleaned'' .. I thought to myself, this guy just poked a hole in my tooth on purpose, ..Afterwards I was feeling some discomfort all over where he used that tool so I called him and asked him wahat he used and he said '' I used a Cavitron that spins at such and such an RPM, ''...well, Cavitrons don't spin....now 14 years later that tooth I though he poked a hole is has a cavity..between my teeth, the same exact spot it felt like he drilled on purpose !!! My new dentist is telling me to have that tooth extracted, but I don't want to be toothless...also...where he used that around my gum line, all my teeth are showing yellowish/brownish cavities !!!, I always has nice perfect white teeth all my life until a couple few years after seeing that dentist, I think he lied about the Cavitron and he intentionally abraised my teeth and poked a hole in my tooth !!!


Hi CJ, I'm so sorry your having trouble with your teeth and that you had a bad experience with your cleaning 14 years ago. It sounds like things were not thoroughly explained and your comfort was not a priority at that cleaning.

There is no way for me to know what type of instrument was used in your cleaning. Cavitron is a brand name for an ultrasonic scaler. There are other brands. These instruments are routinely used with good results. While some patients are very sensitive to the "cavitron" and can't tolerate it for their cleanings, I have never seen a cavitron that is powerful enough to make a hole in a tooth or one that can make gums recede or cause cavities along the gum line. It is possible that you had a cavity or even an exposed root surface that was extremely sensitive to the cavitron. A cavitron can cause a lot of pain in an area like that.

I wish your dentist had been more sensitive to your pain. Some would consider that lack of concern unethical. But I don't think you can logically point to a cleaning 14 years ago as a cause of a tooth needing treatment now. If you thought there was a hole in your tooth you should have had it checked at the time.

I am so sorry for your pain and inconvenience and hope your dental problems are quickly resolved to your satisfaction.

Thanks for writing,

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