Upper Molar Pain Rhinitis Sinusitus - PRIORITY Pleeze!

by Ralph Falzarano
(White River Junction, Vermont. USA)

Good Afternoon Shelly
Thank YOU!
Hope this finds you well...

I have a couple of upper molars #15 specifically that was recently treated by my DDS. The tooth prior to this appointment was going to get a temp>perm crown by a DMD or filling.
The DMD had me see a Endodontist to narrow down if the tooth needed root canal treatment. The endodontist didn't think it needed one and suggested the temp crown be done and see how that goes for 2-3 weeks and check back. The DMD out of the blue gave me a "dismissal of services" and that is partly why I HAD to go back to my DDS. A crack was found during that treatment. This is what the billing stated. D2394 resin 4 surf (#15 MODBL).
The DMD>crown was going to be done on a sliding scale basis and within my financial realm. Now I'm facing a crown that is well out of reach financially. The past year or more has been a dental marathon costing in the thousands and if it wasn't for dental grants I would of been in deep trouble..I only have medicaid for insurance. They cover three root canals in a persons lifetime, but the major issue is there aren't any DDS/DMD, etc that take medicaid in this rural areas. I'm stuck.

I suffer with Chronic allergic rhinitis, unspecified seasonality, unspecified trigger and I've had a sinus infection here and there and I have been treated by ENT's and Allergist. I take Clarinex, Singulaire, Nasonex and faithfully do sinus lavages.
The pollen levels here are 9.5 out of 12..generally they are High this time of year.

Went to bed last night feeling pretty well and this morning I'm feeling tired, kinda stuffy, no sneezes yet and that upper molar is sensitive..not so much when I bite down..it's just sitting there kind of irritated/touchy. I tend to be on the anxious overly sensitive side now after having such a rough time as I mentioned above over the last few years..Seems endless. I'm doing "everything" I am able to salvage the fewer number of teeth I have remaining.
Dentistry overall has got some expensive and unless you have deep pockets or the best insurance in the "universe" your frowned upon.
Sorry this is so long Shelly, but I felt I needed to give you a good shot of the landscape of this overall dental/sinus matter.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated at this delicate time.
May God Bless YOU Richly.
Thankful & Humbly,Raffaele


Hi Ralph, I'm so sorry you are having this trouble with your teeth. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I will share a few suggestions and hope they are helpful. I think is good that you don't need a root canal and also is good that the tooth doesn't hurt when you chew. The tooth could be sensitive from recently having a large filling placed, your inflamed sinuses or having a crack. It could be a combination of factors. I would suggest not chewing anything hard with that tooth also avoid clenching as much as possible. This may buy you some time until you are able to get a crown. Just let the tooth recover from the filling, hopefully it will feel better and you can find a dentist who is able to provide affordable treatment.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm praying you'll feel better and find the treatment you need.


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