Was A Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal was recommended on an upper right molar #3 - no previous cavities or fillings

A tooth that had no previous work done on it, had no previous cavities or fillings - a previously intact tooth - was recommended for a root canal. There was infection in the gum area and the inside cheek tissue near the tooth. There was pain more at the spot on the gum and the cheek tissue in contact with it. There was sensitivity in the molar itself too.

The pulp was infected.

The question is would antibiotics such as Amoxicillin alone would have taken care of the infection including the infection in the pulp itself without the need for a root canal?


It is possible that you had an infection of the gum vs an infection of the tooth. Gum infections can be resolved without endodontic (root canal) treatment.

However, some infections start in the gum and eventually spread to the tooth nerve. This infection, called a perio-endo abscess, may have been the type that you had.

Dental infections or abscesses can also start in the nerve and spread to the bone and eventually the gum. These are called perio-endo abscess.

Perio meaning the periodontal tissue - the gum, bone and ligaments that support the teeth. Endo refers to the pulp or nerve tissue that is removed and then filled when a root canal is done.

It is less common for a tooth with no previous treatment to need a root canal but certainly not impossible especially if the infection started in the gum.

I hope this helps.

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