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3 Water Floss Product Reviews 

Hydrofloss, Waterpik Flosser and ShowerFloss

Water floss is a new name for an old idea ~ using the cleansing power of water to clean between your teeth.

The WaterPik oral irrigator has been around for years but has recently become known as WaterPik Flosser.

If you hate to floss, try one of these oral irrigation products.

The hard-core hygienist in me wants to tell you to just use your dental floss...

I'm still a big fan of floss, but I know there are plenty of you that are not.  I also recognize that there are many situations where a water flosser works better than string floss.

If you are not flossing, you should be using something to clean between your teeth where your toothbrush can't reach and cavities and gum disease are more likely to occur.

Because so many are not fond of floss, health care products and dental gadgets have become more popular and more plentiful.

So plentiful that it is hard to know which is best.  

Let me help you narrow your choices.  This article includes a brief description and advantages or disadvantages of 3 popular water-floss products.

1. Hydrofloss

Hydrofloss uses hydromagnetics and hydrodynamics to keep bacteria from adhering to your teeth.

Long story...but the short version is this:

A magnet inside this gadget interrupts the magnetic attraction that exists between your teeth and bacteria making it less likey for plaque to form on your teeth.

I see very good results in Hydrofloss users. Hydrofloss is one of the pricier water floss options and costs around $100.

Here is a video showing how to use Hydrofloss:

2. Waterpik Flosser

Waterpik Flosser is made by Teledyne. Because they are available everywhere and are more affordable they are the most widely used of all oral irrigators.

WaterPik Flosser is priced at around $30 - $50 depending on what features you choose.

Here is a video showing how to use a Waterpik Flosser:

3. ShowerFloss

This product is the ultimate in multi-tasking and seems like a great idea if you are too busy to floss. It attaches to your shower head and is used while you shower.

I love the convenience of ShowerFloss. It saves storage space on your bathroom counter, your back from leaning over the sink, and a mess around your sink and on your mirror.

A great idea!

Here is what one of my readers has to say about ShowerFloss.

Now WaterPik makes a a similar product that is easily attached to your shower head.

Bottom Line

If you use any of these products properly everyday, they will improve your health.

Are they better than string floss?

If you have great flossing technique and use it everyday and have no teeth or gum problems, keep using string floss.

But, if you hate to floss or are not good at flossing, oral irrigators are a great way to clean between your teeth.

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