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Three Ways to Whiten Teeth

Ever wonder why everyone has white teeth?  It's because there are so many whitening products that are affordable and effective.  

There are three ways to whiten teeth. However you choose to do it, teeth whitening is a great way to quickly, easily and painlessly improve your smile.  

1. Professional whitening

The fastest and easiest cure for yellow teeth is to have professional teeth whitening. This procedure is known by several names. Zoom, teeth whitening by laser, power whitening and one hour whitening are a few.

I have used several of these products and my favorite is Zoom. It is the most comfortable process and provides a beautiful result. I have not seen anyone be disappointed with this product. Here's more about Zoom. 

Some dental professionals use a light or "laser" and others don't. The light is not what makes your teeth get white...

The secret is highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that is used by a dental professional making it possible for them to do the job in one hour.  They are able to apply the gel directly to your teeth and protect your gums and lips.  

You can relax, watch a movie, or listen to music while your teeth are whitened. Most dental offices offer teeth whitening. It has become so common that the price of one hour teeth whitening has come down in the last few years.

The advantages of professional one hour whitening are:

  • Speed: Because they can use a much stronger whitening gel you are done in one hour.
  • Comfort: Dental professionals are very good at keeping the whitening gel off your gums and tongue. This prevents gum tissue sensitivity, one of the most common side effects.
  • Results: Your smile will get an instant boost. Some dentists gaurantee your results and will repeat the procedure if needed for no charge or at a reduced rate.
  • Includes: Sometimes the fee for one hour whitening includes a set of home whitening trays. The home trays can be used to whiten your teeth more or for touch up. If you find a good price on a one hour whitening that includes home trays you are set for life...no more yellow teeth!

Read more about professional teeth whitening.

2. Whitening at home with custom trays

Teeth whitening at home has become more popular and is also a good way to whiten your teeth. 

These are the advantages to using custom teeth whitening trays.

Perfect fit: They are made just for you and fit like a glove. No slipping around. They stay in place and hold the gel on your teeth.

Stronger whitening gel: Your dental office provides whitening gel to use in your trays. It is  stronger and works faster than OTC whitening strips.

3. Home whitening with OTC strips

Teeth whitening strips are the most affordable way to whiten your teeth at home.

On a budget? Teeth whitening strips could be the best method for you.

These are the advantages:

Cost: They are very affordable.

Readily available: If you are in a hurry and need a quick smile boost, whitening strips are everywhere.  Not sure if whitening is for you? Whitening strips are a quick, easy and affordable way to give it a try.

Cost comparison

Due to wide availability the cost of teeth whitening has come down. There is a huge price range for this procedure.

The cost varies depending on where you live. Many dentists offer discounts on whitening procedures or products.  It is definitely worth shopping around if price is a factor for you.

  • One hour professional tooth whitening $250-$1000
  • custom made teeth whitening trays $100-$300
  • whitening strips $20-$60
ways to whiten teeth

Which of the three ways to whiten teeth is best?

It depends on how discolored your teeth are, your budget and how much time you have.

Teeth whitening strips work great if you only need a little whitening or if you have alot of time and don't mind applying them every day for 1-3 weeks.

For very discolored teeth, you will be happier with the result from a one hour whitening procedure by your dentist.

The mid priced option? Have teeth whitening trays made.

Still not sure? Ask your dentist.

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