What Causes a Gum Blister?

This question about a gum blister is a common one.  Most often these teeth don't hurt but still may need treatment

Matt's question

Can you tell me what to do about a blister that is on my gums above a bad tooth?

The tooth as been bad for a while but I have no money and also dental anxiety?

My reply

Hi Matt,

It's impossible to say without seeing it. We all love the internet to point us in the right direction.  But thankfully we need real live people for some things:) 

A blister that doesn't heal in a week or ten days should be looked at by a dentist.  If it heals but then comes back it should be checked.

Some gum blisters form as a result of infection in either the tooth or gums. These blisters are called sinus tract drainage fistulas. Sometimes they look like a pimple on your gums. They are your body's way of relieving the pressure from infection and swelling.

Many times they don't hurt. 

Unfortunately, the infection is still there and the source of infection needs to be treated. 

You can learn more about how to deal with an abscessed tooth here.

A dental school is a good option for inexpensive dental care. It may take a little more time but you can get good dental care for a lot less money.

Dental anxiety can be overcome. There are many ways to help get you through whatever treatment is needed. Just get it looked at first then take the rest a step at a time.

Here is my advice for dealing with Dental anxiety. 

You are in good company both in needing affordable dental care and having dental anxiety. There are ways to deal with both issues and keep your teeth healthy. You can do it:)


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