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What Does Good Dental Insurance Cover?

Good dental insurance should cover 100% of preventative dental care, 80% of basic care and 50%of major care.

What does that mean for you?

Take a closer look at what individual or group dental insurance plans cover before making a decision...

Standard dental insurance will pay for two preventative visits each year which include x-rays, cleaning, and exam.

If you don't need any other dental care you wont have any additional cost beyond your insurance premium.

Preventative care allows for dental problems to be found and treated when they are small.

Combined with a healthy diet and frequent brushing and flossing, preventative dental care will help ensure that you don't need a lot of expensive dental procedures.

Preventative, basic, major...

Preventative care includes regular cleanings, exam, bite wing x-rays once a year and full mouth x-rays every 3-5 years.

Basic care includes fillings, periodontal disease treatment such as dental scaling, oral surgery, tooth extractions, and root canals,

Crowns, bridges, and partial or complete dentures are considered major dental care and are usually covered at 50%. These procedures are more involved and more expensive because They usually require more than one appointment and the dentist has overhead costs such as dental lab fees.

Common exceptions...

There are exceptions to every rule. Common exceptions in the dental insurance world include:

Fluoride treatments are usually only covered up to age 16 or 18 and may be covered once or twice a year.

Sealants have a similar age restriction and are limited in the number of times they can be replaced.

Orthodontic care is usually included but can have an age limit. Dental Insurance for orthodontics is important for families.

Teeth grinding guards also known as bruxism guards or occlusal guards may or may not be covered. Some insurance providers consider occlusal guards major and some classify them as basic care.

Because of the damage caused by grinding and clenching, teeth grinding guard are widely recommended by dentists and can be expensive. Look for a plan that covers at least a portion of occlusal guards.

Dental implants are complicated because they require two steps that are usually done by two different dentists. The last step of placing a crown is normally covered at 50% just like any other crown.

The cost of placing the implant (the most expensive part) is not normally covered by most insurance plans.

Cosmetic dentistry This one is confusing because many covered dental procedures are very cosmetic and improve your appearance. However some cosmetic procedures are never covered.

Don't rule out treatment just because your insurance doesn't pay for it. If you trust your dentist, trust his or her recommendations.

good dental insurance

As with any insurance product, doing research before making a purchase is a good idea. Ask your dentist or the person who handles insurance claims for their opinion of the plan you are considering. 

Good dental insurance will help you pay for your dental care and may motivate you to get regular dental care...you are much more likely to schedule two dental check ups a year if they are paid for.

Those two visits could save you money on expensive dental treatment in the long run.

So...don't go for the cheapest dental insurance you can find, choose the one that best fits your needs.

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