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What is Gingivitis?

What is gingivitis?   Gingivitis is one type of chronic inflammation.  It is inflammation of the gums.

As bad as it sounds, it is surprisingly easy to cure, but first you have to recognize the symptoms.  

Seems like something with such an awful sounding name would be obvious.

But actually it is not.  Many have mild or even moderate gingivitis and don't know it.

This condition is common in both adults and children.  Because there may be no obvious symptoms it can easily be ignored.

Pictures of gingivitis are easy to find but may be misleading. Most pictures show very severe gingivitis that is generalized (everywhere).

However, most cases of gingivitis are localized (only in a few spots) and not as severe as what you see in many pictures.

Gingivitis Symptoms 

The most common symptoms are bleeding, swelling, and redness of the gums.

Most of us don't look at our gums unless something hurts.

Even if you do look at your gums, the area that is most likely to have gingivitis, the tongue-side of your molars, is difficult to see.

How to Know if you have Gingivitis

what is gingivitis
  • Do your gums hurt and bleed when you get your teeth professionally cleaned?
  • Do you have swollen and sore gums after flossing?
  • Do you ever notice bleeding after brushing your teeth? 
  • Does your toothpaste start out white and end up pink?
  • Do your gums look pink and firm or puffy and red?

Gingivitis Home Treatment 

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