What to expect after wisdom tooth extraction

by Rachel Whitaker
(west yorkshire)

I had my bottom right wisdom tooth removed 11 days ago, I suffered dry socket near the beginning and had to have the socket flushed and packed. Every day since the pain and discomfort has become less and less but I still have stitches, a lump above part of the stitch and slight yellowness just inside the socket. I am not in any discomfort and like I say I feel better every day, is it worth a visit to the dentist or does everything sound normal? I rinse with salt water after eating to keep the area clean and avoid infection.


Hi Rachel, I'm so sorry you had a dry socket.

It sounds like now you are on the right track and healing as expected. If you have concerns about anything though you should ask your dentist. He or she knows the details of your case for example... what type of sutures were used and how complicated the extraction was etc.

Thanks for writing,

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