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When to Purchase Supplemental Dental Coverage

Supplemental dental coverage is dental insurance that is purchased by individuals vs one that is provided by employers. It can be used to enhance existing coverage or as your primary plan.

When is supplemental insurance needed?

  • When you have a lot of dental needs If have have a history of needing major dental care or already know of work that is needed, extra insurance might be a good idea.
  • If group dental insurance is not provided by your employer When benefits get cut, dental insurance can be one of the first to go.
  • For those with minimal dental coverage You may not have adequate coverage based on your history or current needs.  Some are fine with very minimal or no dental insurance depending on their situation.  But if you know you would use dental insurance and recover the cost of the premiums or hate the thought of costly dental "surprises" that could come your way, a supplemental plan is a good idea.

Supplemental dental insurance can be any type of insurance for dental care. As with any plan, be sure to read the fine print. Some things to look for:

supplemental dental coverage
  • Waiting period Many dental plans have a waiting period for major work like crowns or bridges. Be sure to find out how long you have to wait before having major work done.
  • Exclusions It's good to know what will not be covered. Some common exclusions are occlusal guards, orthodontic treatment, bonding, veneers and most cosmetic procedures.
  • Yearly maximum Most plans have a yearly maximum. Good to know if you are planning to have major work done. 
  • Deductible What is the annual deductible and is it per person or per family? Does the deductible apply to yearly cleanings and check ups?
  • Basic treatment What percentage of basic dental care (fillings, tooth extractions and deep cleanings) does the plan pay for.
  • Major treatment Major treatment is usually covered at a lower percentage than basic and includes crowns and bridges.
  • Does your dentist accept the plan you are considering? If you love your dentist and don't want to change, be sure the plan you are purchasing will be accepted.

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