White in extraction site, and little swellig...what it is?

Due to infection in tooth, my tooth removed 15 days before. and to drain dr gave small cut near tooth below gum,
previously my half face was fully swelled , lips also.
Now swelling is decreasing but lips feels little heavy while talking.
why it is?

Yesterday i felt that blood is coming from the socket of tooth removed, i looked in the mirror and saw some small white soft , something is there.
I touched it with cotton earbud and blood came but little only.
I am worrying now What is it exactly, is it ok ?
How many days it will take to recover?


I'm not sure but you should see your dentist for follow-up questions and care.

It sounds like you had a bad infection.
Hopefully you have taken or are taking antibiotics. White tissue could be granulation tissue which is normal as the area heals. 15 days seems like a lot time to heal but if you are recovering from the infection that could impact healing time. Is your lower lip still numb? You may have paresthesia if your nerve was damaged that should improve with time.

All your questions deserve an answer from your dentist. If you don't have a follow up visit scheduled you should make an appointment.

Thanks for writing,

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Jan 15, 2017

by: Shelly

Hi again, I don't know how many days and I can't be sure that it is granulation tissue. I just mentioned it as one possibility.

Everyone heals at a different pace and considering you had an infection it may take longer.

No need to look at or touch it though. It's best if you leave it undisturbed. Follow your dentist's instructions to care for the area.

You can always go to another dentist and have it checked if you are still concerned or if your symptoms worsen. It would be a good idea since you had the infection and continue to have questions.

I hope you feel better soon,

Jan 15, 2017
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Hi Shelly,
Thank u for ur reply.
Now I travelled to other country. my dentist is in another country.

As u said, dentist process may damaged my nerve coz I am still feeling numbness in lower lip.
and very less swelling on lower side of cheek.
One more question. How many days that granulation will be visible, coz daily I am looking at it and I am worrying?

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