Why does my tooth hurt after getting a new filling?

It's been about 6-7 weeks since I went in and had three fillings done.

I have a tooth top back right before the wisdom that I had filled (three done that day). This one tooth at the gum like hurts really bad.

I never had pain in my mouth before I went in and now this is the worst pain ever.

Why does it hurt so bad at the gum line??


I'm not sure why it hurts but it may need a small adjustment. Sometimes fillings that are just slightly too big cause a tooth to hurt. It is one of the most common causes of pain after a filling. Luckily it is easily fixed and there shouldn't be a charge for a follow-up visit to see why your tooth is still hurting.

Another possibility is that the filling has irritated the nerve of your tooth. This happens when the filling is large and/or close to the nerve. Sometimes this type of pain will gradually improve on it's own and other times the tooth will need a root canal.

Don't hesitate to call your dentist to schedule a follow up visit.

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