Why is my dentist making me have a deep cleaning before fixing broken teeth

by marsha
(forney tx usa)

i am going to a dentist and they made a treatment plan..they did some extractions and fillings...i have sharp edges on some teeth that causes me to bite my tongue and sides of my mouth. the dentist said fillings on these broken teeth will fix the problem. now they are telling me that i HAVE to have a deep cleaning before they will do any more work. im not against having a deep cleaning..ive had them before and i have taken care of my teeth since and my gums do not bleed anymore when i brush. the deep cleaning is very expensive and i would like the other work done first. do you know why they insist on deep cleaning 1st ? or should i find another dentist? if i do go to another dentist, can i get all my records from my dentist to give to my new dentist?


Hi Marsha, One reason for insisting you have the deep cleaning first is if your gums are in such bad shape that they feel it is a priority for your health. Some gum inflammation and infection make is difficult to access areas that need to be filled due to the swelling and bleeding of the gums. These cases are not too common but do exist.

Otherwise you should be able to decide what treatment you'd like to have first. I do think some dentists want to do the deep cleaning first because the fee is higher and they want to make sure you do it....SAD!

You can always get a second opinion and you do have the right to your records. Most of the time they can be emailed to another dentist. I have seen way too many cases where a deep cleaning is recommended when a regular cleaning is all that is needed.

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