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Have You Ever Wondered...Why is Toothpaste Mint?

Why is toothpaste mint?

It doesn't have to be.

Though mint has many medicinal qualities most toothpastes only contain a small amount of mint oil for flavoring, not enough to notice the effects. 

why is toothpaste mint

Mint toothpaste is what we are used to.  Like comfort food, fresh mint toothpaste is as familiar as an old friend.  

The day can't start or end properly without that tingly but soothing sensation.

Not to mention the dieting benefit...

Just brushed teeth help you resist that late night cookie or bag of chips.  They just don't taste as good to a minty mouth.

Why are there not more choices?  It's not for lack of trying...

Toothpaste failures 

Is a minty mouth a cleaner mouth?

As good as a cool tingly mouth feels,  you don't need mint toothpaste to remove plaque from your teeth.

Toothpastes have many helpful ingredients for certain conditions but it is entirely possible and maybe even more likely to clean your teeth without a mouth over flowing with minty foam.  

For a fresh minty taste and even cleaner teeth, try brushing a minute or two with plain water after rinsing the toothpaste out of your mouth. 

Other toothpaste flavors

Mint flavored toothpastes are by far the favorite but there are other options for the mint haters of the world. 

Kids are most notorious for their dislike of mint.  

"Too spicy" is their usual comment after trying  mint flavored candy, gum or toothpaste.  Kids toothpastes come in some interesting flavors.  Strawberry, bubble gum and bubble mint are  popular choices for kids.  

Not too spicy... just way too sweet for most adults.  

But, kids toothpastes are fine for adults who don't like mint.  Most have similar ingredients.  The standard .024% sodium fluoride and are not abrasive.

Why are there not more choices?

If you think other flavors have not been tried, meet toothpaste collector extrodinaire, Dr. Val Kolpakov.  

His collection includes 1800 different types of toothpaste or toothpowder.  

If times get tough he will never run out of toothpaste:)

unusual toothpaste flavors

One part of his collection caught my eye...

The toothpaste party store featuring alcohol flavored toothpastes.  

Is it happy hour in your bathroom?

Hmmm… Might be a good motivator to brush longer.... or NOT.

Just one idea for a toothpaste flavor that didn't exactly take off.  As much as we love "new and improved" some products just don't need to be changed.

So why is toothpaste mint?  Mint is refreshing and soothing, familiar and comforting.  Unlike alcohol flavored toothpaste, mint toothpastes are here to stay.

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