Wife in agony from lower teeth pain

by Gregory

My wife's lower set of teeth are giving her unbearable pain. she's got everything checked even an x-ray but nothing shows up. Every body comments on my wife's teeth saying how great they look. At this stage she's even talking about removal. just happened on your blog and yes she is using sensodyne daily care for the last few months. It's never as easy as this? Tooth paste causing the problem?? So when she comes home from work this will be discussed in detail and will keep you updated.


Hi Gregory, I'm sorry she is having so much pain. It would be awesome if a simple toothpaste change would solve her issue. I would suggest she avoid toothpastes with any of the ingredients in the one she is currently using. Hope it helps.

One other simple but sometimes overlooked cause of tooth pain is clenching. Has that been considered?

Looking forward to hearing your update.

Thanks for writing,

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