Wisdom Teeth Removal After 50

by KJ
(Clinton, Indiana)

I am 58 years old and have my upper wisdom teeth only. They do not bother me at all and now my dentist said I should have them removed because they may cause problems in the future. If they are not bothering me, why get them removed?


Hi KJ, It is unusual at age 58 to have them removed proactively - just in case they cause problems someday. That is something you do when you are in your mid teens - twenty's. Most dentists don't recommend proactive removal of wisdom teeth at your age because the risk of having a difficult extraction is higher and your body heals slower than it did 30+ years ago. It is not uncommon however to have wisdom teeth removed at any age if they have a cavity or gum disease. It is doable, just not as easily as it is when you're younger. Maybe be sure you understand the reason for the recommendation and there is no current problem.

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Jan 06, 2019
second opinion always
by: Anonymous

It is unfortunate, but it does seem to happen with dental care, that a few practitioners are going to want to sell you some work. After I moved, I had a dentist, referred to me by someone I trusted, who told me I had a cracked tooth, this problem, that problem, etc. and he would work up an estimate for me. I said I would look forward to his estimate. I then went to my periodontist and he gave me another dentist's name. That guy said I had NO issues. If you have to pay for the second opinion, it is worth it.

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