Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Wisdom teeth symptoms  include sore swollen gums and the feeling of a tooth  erupting then shrinking back into the gums.

sore swollen gums

Because they erupt at odd angles and they are so far in the back of your mouth, they are the most difficult teeth to clean.  

As a result the gum tissue around wisdom teeth can be constantly swollen and inflamed.

Severe gum swelling and  inflammation causes a condition called pericornitis.  

It is very painful because as the gum tissue swells around the tooth it sometimes covers the chewing surface and you are likely to bite the tissue while chewing…OUCH!

This condition can be improved using mouthwash, a WaterPik irrigator or salt water rinses but severe cases may require a prescription  from your dentist.

Shrinking molars?

Are your wisdom teeth shrinking back into your gums?

No, but it may feel that way.

Once they erupt, wisdom teeth don't ever go back but it feels like they do  because the gums swell and then shrink around the tooth as they become inflamed and then recover creating the illusion that the tooth is growing in, then shrinking back into the gums.

unpredictable and unreliable

Wisdom teeth are the slowest and most unpredictable teeth to erupt.  It is not unusual for them to never completely erupt at all.

If they would just stay impacted in bone and not push against the other teeth, it would be fine to ignore them. Sadly most wisdom teeth don't stay, they continue to slowly erupt and cause tissue inflammation, infection, or tooth decay.

The unpredictable timing of wisdom teeth and the lack of room to accommodate them makes it important to have them removed in most cases.

Why remove them if they don't bother you?

Waiting until they bother you is not the best strategy.

Wisdom teeth symptoms come and go and can be mild or severe.  They are not the most reliable way to determine if your wisdom teeth should be removed.  

Thanks to panoramic dental x rays, it possible to see the position of wisdom teeth and predict very accurately how they will erupt... just not when they will erupt.

Using this information, your dentist can make a recommendation.  

When removed at the ideal time, it is not urgent and can be scheduled at your convenience.  Teens and twenties is typically the right time because healing is faster and complications less likely.

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