Wisdom tooth pain?

I had my wisdom tooth removed three days ago. I know that I'm supposed to feel uncomfortable and a bit of pain is expected. But I keep getting a lot of pain. It comes and goes. It's excruciating. I did everything my dentist told me too, and I asked her and she said that I should wait a few more days and then call again. I think I have a dry socket because it hurts more than it did right after I got it out. Even though I'm still taking my medication. And it smells and tastes horrible. It's making me gag and I can't eat anything cause I feel like throwing up. Is that normal?


Your pain should gradually decease but you may still require medication for several days. If you continue to have pain and especially if it worsens, you should see your dentist. It could be a dry socket.

I hope you feel better soon,

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Nov 09, 2017
wisdom tooth extraction pain
by: Anonymous

I don't know your age, but in my experience and with my children's wisdom tooth extractions, there was nothing like this. If you have done everything you say, especially if you were icing diligently, I would be concerned and get in to be seen by your dentist. If they put you off, I would try to find another dentist.

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