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Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost and Other Considerations 

How much does it cost is often the first thing my clients want to know about teeth whitening.   When they ask, I'm happy to report that the price has come down in the last few years.

In our office, the cost is $250 and includes a one hour professional whitening session plus a set of custom whitening trays and home whitening gel which can be used in the future for touch-ups.

Everyone loves a bargain and teeth whitening is one item that is frequently "on sale."

Quite often a lower price is offered for this package.  

When there is a special the price is as low as $200.

Still a lot of money, but a true bargain compared to other dental cosmetic treatment.

Results vary but If all goes as expected, purchasing this package will keep your smile white for life.  

After the one hour session, occasional touch-ups at home is all you should need.

The cost of additional whitening gel to use at home is the only expense you should have going forward to maintain your white smile.

My review

Before I started using Zoom, I wasn't always confident recommending one hour whitening to my clients.

Too many were not 100% satisfied with the results or had tooth sensitivity for a day or two after the procedure.  I wasn't completely sold on the value of one hour professional vs home trays.

zoom teeth whitening cost

Quite often I suggested having custom trays made instead...they are less than half the price and with just a little more time and effort could achieve the same result with fewer teeth whitening side effects.

Advantages of Zoom

  • Results ~ If you fork over a pile of cash and sit in a dental chair with your lips stretched for an hour you want it to be worth your time and money. Zoom delivers better results than any other product I have used.
  • Comfort ~ Teeth whitening is not the easiest procedure to sit through. The Zoom whitening kit includes everything to keep it as comfortable as possible. With Zoom there is no need to suction. Gums, tongue and tissue stays comfortably covered and protected.
  • Convenience ~ Great results plus added comfort make Zoom teeth whitening cost worth every penny.
  • Fewer side effects ~ Teeth whitening side effects are common. "Zingers" aka teeth whitening sensitivity occur as the gel seeps its way through enamel.  Zoom's system includes comfort gel to soothe sensitive teeth and prevent zingers. Comfort gel provides instant and long lasting relief.

In case you are wondering, Zoom teeth whitening cost is not covered by dental insurance but some can use their health saving account.  Zoom is not the only way to whiten your teeth.  

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